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Tips for modern leaders

Tips for modern leaders

Before becoming a leader or supervisor, you might once have been a subordinate so you know what you did to make your supervisors satisfied and admire you. On the contrary, you also know what your supervisors did that made you respect and love them. There are five easy tips for you to become a good leader as follows:

1. Mutual respect: To be a good leader, you have to show respect to people at all levels, either your supervisors, customers, or even your subordinates. The simple rules of respect are to listen to their opinions and to value their decisions. When you respect your subordinates, they will respect you too. This is a principle of motivating people in the workplace;

2. Putting yourself in their shoes: To understand what your subordinates are thinking and their reasons for what they did, you as a leader have to put yourself in their shoes. When you know what your subordinates think, it will be easier to manage them. You need to know what each of your subordinates likes. Some people may love to be praised. Some may like rewards or positions. Thus, you should give them what they want as much as you can. The same principle applies to punishment. You should avoid punishing your subordinates in front of other people. When it comes to punishment, it should be between you and the subordinate only because you would not like it either if your supervisor criticizes you in front of other people;

3. Support: Everyone wants to make progress or advancement in life, including your subordinates. Thus, if any one of your subordinates has a great potential to grow, you should give him a chance by giving him full support;

4. Training: A good leader must have good communication skills and be able to train and educate subordinates. As a leader, you should be able to analyze what kind of information is important and necessary for performing the jobs and being in the organization. You should train your subordinates on how to be familiar with the system to enable them to work with correct understanding or to comply with the organization’s objectives; and

5. Learning new things all the time: As a leader, you need to keep learning new things and think that there are so much that you have not known. You need to see things deeply and seriously and understand the details of all matters, especially those relevant to your profession and livelihood. Most importantly, you must be able to apply your knowledge correctly, properly, and at the right time.

All of these tips are based on the same idea, which is to treat other people the way you want to be treated. However, this depends on status and appropriateness. You can win your subordinates’ hearts easily and if they love and respect you, they will try their best to work for you even beyond your expectations.

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