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BOI import-export Assistant Manager

Location:  Bangkok
Salary:  80K

•  Age 30-40, - Bachelor degree
•  BOI Import-Export experince
1. Review and verify  HS  code, Tarif, Excise Tax, and other related regulation  for Import products from varies countries such as Japan, Malaysia, China, Korea, Europe
2. Meet with  BOI authority  and customs to clarify  and solve the problem in  term of customs clearance and BOI privilege (BOI new project, new laws, duty refund follow up with  TH customs)
3. Manage BOU  & CUSTOMS can  work  with  related functions.
4. Leverage on Freight, Duty, Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and Customs Tariff knowledge to drive down Duty and Tax costs.
5. Find out for business benefit under WTO  and other privilege such as bonded warehouse, FTZ, BOT  & CUSTOMS, Bis  19 to apply  with  Business model.
6. Effectively  negotiate clearance procedures upon crucial issues.
7. Appropriately  negotiate terms with  shipping agencies, suppliers and related agencies.
8. Work closely  with  Product Development in  Thailand or
Japan to verify  new Product launched.
9. Prepare and develop new Export process to CLMV.
10. Able to drive work.
11. Able to handle Dangerous Goods Import-Export, Storage.

Client Contact

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