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General Procurement Manager

Salary :60,000 (Negotiable)
•Overall responsible for all direct, indirect materials including service contracts such as security guard, pest control; BRC (for exporting to EU countries), ISO, HACCP, GMP           
•Perform & control procurement cost of logistic activities etc.     
•Truck & trailer for picking up & returning containers to port, terminal.             
•Shipping agent for customs clearance for import & export activities.           
•Review service contracts to keep the Company’s benefit and comply with the Company’s policy.  
•Prepare procurement budget and standard cost for materials.
•Sourcing and developing new potential suppliers and new materials for supporting R&D as per customers’ requirement.
•Negotiate with suppliers for cost saving project.
•Collaborate with planning, R&D and sales team to support customers’ request for urgent product or seasonal sales promotion.
•Monitor, control and take actions to resolve all issues about delivery, quality etc.
•Visit suppliers for keeping business relation and problem solving.
•Follow up quality, delivery and quantity issues when the Company has the problem with supplier.
•Manage supplier relationship to ensure continuity of material & service that meet the quality, service and price performance standards of the Company.
•Facilitate bid analysis and negotiation for all materials and services.
•Develop strategic relationship with quality suppliers to ensure collaboration to reduce risks and cost.

Client Contact

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