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Engineering Supervisor

Location: Lamphun
Salary: Negotiable 

• Bachelor degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering and Master is advantage.
• Experienced manager of mechanical/ electrical engineering with knowledge of ceramic forming equipment, kilns, glazing etc of a ceramics house wares manufacturing business.
• Living in Northern region is advantage.
• Experience in Plant facility at least 2 years.
• Supply chain and Productivity knowledge is advantage.
• Process development and plant layout.
• Quality systems.
• Would like a Certified/: Licensed Engineer, Safety for management, Senior PRE and PMP certificate is advantage.
• Fluent English (compulsory).
• German would be helpful but not required.
• Manufacturing Engineer for 5 years.
• Experience in ceramics plant processes and equipment implementation for a start-up or expansion.

• หางานวิศวกร

Client Contact

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