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International Recruitment (BTS)

Inbound & Outbound Recruitment Service

Borderless Talent Solutions (BTS) recruits expatriate talent within the local market using over a decade of experience in inbound and outbound recruitment services within the local market. It also brings talent from overseas to Thailand and sends domestic workers abroad to support overseas labor shortages.

Staffing/Outsourcing Service Starting off, a pain point will be expanding your business across geographic borders; at the same time, local experts will be needed to support visas, work permits, payroll, personal income tax and all labor affairs. Regardless of legal entities in Thailand, we provide services for local and expat employment outsourcing.

Borderless Talent Solutions (BTS) Service Key Points:

Permanent Recruitment

  • - Expats in Thailand

  • - Expats from overseas to Thailand

  • - Repats from overseas to Thailand

  • - Thai to overseas

  • - Local foreigners to overseas

Staffing/Outsourcing Service

  • - Work Permit & Visa

  • - Payroll Outsourcing

  • - Tax Calculation

  • - Background Check

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