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What is the benefit of hiring permanent staff through Manpower?

As a client of Manpower, our experienced recruiters will save you time and money, ensure you find the right people and give you the best chance of retaining them. Consider the number of hours you could invest into recruiting a permanent member for your team and the distraction it can cause to your core business. Manpower can save you time without cutting corners. We match candidates with your business needs and culture to encourage retention.


We are experts in the world of work

Manpower's experienced local consultants listen to your needs, understand your business and the employment services industry. We attract, interview and reference every candidate. We can also assess candidates' skills and personality suitability using validated assessment methodologies.


We hire, train and retain the best talent

Our consultants are experienced to help you with appointments at all levels and across all sectors and disciplines. From Administrators to ICT Professionals. Call Centres to General Executives. Tradespeople to Engineers. Manpower or Experis understands your industry.


We understand your business and industry

We also offer award winning training. So, where shortages are acute, you can recruit staff who have the fundamentals and we can up skill them with our world class training - both face-to-face and through our web-based PowerYOU which provides over 10,000 courses ranging from Microsoft Office basics to Marketing and ICT.


We provide services tailored to your needs

Manpower will tailor a solution to suit your needs. You can hand over entire recruitment projects to Manpower, or just one or two aspects. You can ask us to advertise, source, screen, interview, assess, qualify, shortlist, or present resumes of the top candidates. The choice is yours.

Manpower Thailand does recruitment for the following functions:

  • Sales & Marketing

  • HR & Admin

  • Customer Service & Hospitality

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Information and Communications Technology

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