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Avoid getting burnt form getting laid off


​Avoid getting burnt form getting laid off

As you all know, the political situation Thailand is facing for the past several months has cause negative impact to the economic in one way or another. The companies that are temporary or permanently closed will surely spread ripples of negative impact to their employees. Today let’s discuss about what you should know in the situation where you are suddenly laid off.

There are three main employee types; full-time employee, part-time or contract employee, and casual employee who get paid on a daily or hourly basis. Here are the things that full-time and part-time employees need to know if their company decides to down size or close down.

  • The employers need to give one-month notice before they can let go of their employee. Employers that fail to do so have to pay 1-month salary to the employee as the notice fee.

  • If an employee has worked for a period of;

120 days < 1 year – she is eligible for 1-month salary compensation

1 year < 3 years – she is eligible for 3-month salary compensation

3 years < 6 years – she is eligible for 6-month salary compensation

6 years < 10 years – she is eligible for 19-month salary compensation

  • Check with your HR contacts on your benefits regarding remaining vacation days and company providence fund.

  • For those who contribute to social security fund, you are also eligible for unemployment compensation up to 50% of your salary* for up to 6 months or 180 days.

*Based on the maximum contribution salary rate of 15,000 baht

Casual workers are the ones that usually get the worst impact out of this because they cannot ask for any for type of compensation for their lost earnings. However, the government has held Center to Help the Affected Aspect of Political Gatherings (SCH) to gather complaints and help these employees already.

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