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How important is time?


​How important is time?

These couple of weeks, some of you might have stayed up late to watch the World Cup tournament. It’s ok to participate in one of the world’s greatest sport events as long as it does not affect your productivity at work. And to help you manage time better, we have some tips to share here today.

Know your responsibilities

First of all you need to know what are your responsibilities in the organization. Those who don’t know what they need to be doing often spend their time on something else that are usually wasted effort. Knowing what’s important in your work can help you prioritize each tasks assigned to you. So when someone asks you to help on something and your important tasks are still at hand, it is best that you decline or postpone that until you finish your work. Don’t forget to give them the reason why you can’t help them out as well.

Plan ahead / taking notes is always better than remembering

Planning is one of the best free tool to help you manage you time and priorities. It is one tool that can surely help reduce backlogs. You can plan your work yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily. As for myself, I always write the things that need to be done each day in a notebook to remind myself at a later time. In every morning, think about what you need to do on that day and write it down in your notebook so you won’t have to waste time try to figure things out later on.

Learn to distribute work

For those of you who have subordinates, its best to learn how to distribute some of your work to them. This will not only help lessen your workload but will also give your subordinate a chance to improve by learning new things. Just make sure that your subordinate is ready for the task. To me, this is a win-win situation. You get your work done and your subordinate gets to improve.

Last words, for the ones who said that they don’t have time, who took it? Don’t forget that everyone have 24 hours evenly. Manage your time well so that every minutes and every second counts.

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