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Always making friends at work


​Always making friends at work

Besides the golden rules to follow when starting a new job mentioned last time, I’d like to give some tips on how to adapt to the new coworkers and boss. We will be discussing adapting yourself to new coworkers here first. Try and use the tips given below to improve you relationships within you workplace.

Build good working attitude

It is very important to have good working attitude because all of us is a part of a team in some way. It would be very difficult to work in an environment where everyone have bad attitude toward each other. When look at a person, we should look more on their ability to work/performance rather than their personal issues. If you are able to work with everybody then you surely would have a happy work life.

Listen to different opinion

Listening to other’s opinion is another necessary factor that can help you get different point of views. A very though problem to you might only be a piece of cake when you try to solve it in a different angle.

Be responsible to the mistake made

Mistake is the one thing that can happen in the work environment. Being responsible to your own mistake and not blaming others will show your colleagues your maturity. This will also build a trusted relationship between you and them. The important thing to note here is, when problem arise, the first thing to do is to work together to fix the problem. Once the problem is fixed, take the lesson learned to prevent it from happening in the future.

Show sympathy and pay attention to details

Try to show sympathy towards your coworkers like back them up when they take sick or personal leave for urgent matters. Bring some souvenir back from your vacation trip or compliment your colleagues in their success or improvements is also advised. If these were done, I can assure you that they will return the favor in the future.

Two important words

“Thank you” and “sorry” are the two most important words to remember and use. When someone does something nice to you, even if they don’t expect anything in return, a simple thank you will let them know our appreciation and make them want to repeat the nice thing they did. Sorry is also a powerful word to use. When mistake is made and we admit to it by apologizing sincerely, be sure that everyone will be ready to forgive you.

If you use the advice given here in this article, I’m sure that you will gain more friends in the office in the near future. Next time I will share the tips on how you should carry yourself around you new boss.