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Be productive


​Be productive

Today we have some tips on how to work efficiently and reduce mistake in your work. Check out the tips below and apply some to your daily life.

Jolt down your daily task

Every employee should have their own notebook to jolt down what needs to been done. You can do this each morning before they start working. (This is what I’ve been done and I’m telling you it really help me organize my work a lot) Prioritize what needs to be done each day base urgency on and note down important pointers in it. A simple notebook can help you achieve better discipline and time management. (You don’t need PDA or pocket PC, just write them down on a piece of paper – seem old fashion but it works really well)

Pay attention to detail

It is important to pay attention to details at every step of the work process. Although this may seem to take longer to finish a task, it will help you reduce error made during the work, hence, saves you time in the long run. (Trust me, slow but sure is better that fast with mistakes)You should also have your coworker or you boss double check your work if you’re still not sure.

Report your boss on mistakes made

Report to your boss immediately !!!, if you find any error in you work. Include in that report what is the mistake, how did that happen, and your suggestion on how to fix it. Try not to blame others BUT learn from it.

Stay focus

You need to stay focus while working on any given task to prevent yourself from being careless or losing your head. (Do one thing at the time – coz we have one brain to think about things so please utilizes it, not over use it) Any work that was done carelessly has a high tendency to have mistakes.

Remember to always stay focus and use your intelligence in everything you do and you shall be able to keep producing your quality work with minimal mistake.

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