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Politic is everywhere


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1 month

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3 months

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6 months

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8 months

More than 10years

10 months


Today we are going to talk about office politics, which I believe exist in every organization. Office politics is a situation where competition and conflicts on powers, benefits, and ideas occur. The politic situation may differ from place to place, however, we can divide office politics into two levels; personal and group.

Office politic on personal level

Have you ever experienced bad chemistry between you and someone in your office? If so, then congratulations. You now have first-hand experience on office politics at personal level. Office politics on the personal level usually occur on the conflicts between individuals in the office including: differences in personalities or opinions, jealousy over career advancement through connections, ego clashes between younger boss and older employees, etc. No matter what the conflict is, we can be sure that it will lead to some sort of negative impact on work quality. These personal conflicts might also lead to problems between groups or even departments within the organization

Dealing with personal level office politic

You need to keep in mind that not everything in life will turn out as your heart desires. There will surely be the time when you need to work with someone you have a grudge against. Here are some tips for you to use in those times:

- Put aside your prejudice and don’t judge people based on personal feelings.

- Open up to other people’s opinion.

- Use reasons over emotions to judge the work context.

- Have some compassion and forgiveness.

By following these steps should be able to help reduce the intensity of the personal level office politic for you somewhat.

So there you have it, some example of the personal level office politics and how to deal with it. Remember that office politics can occur in any level of every organization, and it will have negative impact on everyone. Next time we will continue to discuss about office politic on the group or department level. See you then!

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