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Ten techniques to impress a boss


​Ten techniques to impress a boss

As a boss, you have to meet many kinds of subordinates. Qualified and competent employees are considered valuable assets of the company. There also are employees who often cause trouble, challenge their boss on a daily basis, and endlessly give their colleagues a headache. Today, we will take a look at qualifications of employees who can win their supervisor’s trust and are valuable assets of the company. Such qualifications include:

1) Being a good communicator: a boss needs subordinates who can communicate well, especially when a problem arises. A good employee must be able to answer numerous questions, explain the cause of the problem, summarize the situation, and propose solutions in a concise manner;

2) Being motivated to work: a good employee is highly motivated and will be unlike to refuse any job or responsibility assigned by the boss. Sometimes, the assignment may be difficult, but it is also challenging and gives the employee new knowledge and experience;

3) Being serious: A serious employee will be determined to complete the job assigned by his boss as quickly and well as possible. A task can be difficult, but if you start working on it and solve any problems found, you will be able to complete it on time;

4) Being brave to make a decision and learning fast: Employees who are able to adjust themselves to fit and work effectively in the new environment will be able to push themselves to outshine others so they will be quickly noticed by the boss;

5) Working well as a team: Every team needs equally competent members who are able to help the team on a variety of matters without complaining that they will do only the tasks they are assigned;

6) Always helping others: when working together, some colleagues may be sick or take a vacation, but if there is any crisis to fix, employees need to show their boss that they are willing to cover for other employees who are not available;

7) Being ethical: Every company has certain rules that the employees have to follow. A good employee does not require his boss to open the employee’s manual or employment contract to discuss whether what he has done is right or wrong. Most importantly, ethics are guidelines that tell the employees how they should treat the company’s partners and customers. Adherence to such ethics is essential to the company’s reputation;

8) Giving others credit when they do well: If any task is successfully completed, everybody involved or even the boss must not forget to express thanks;

9) Good discipline and punctuality: Every boss love subordinates who are well disciplined and punctual, especially when it comes to appointment with customers, giving the customers a presentation, or having a meeting with the customers; and

10) Avoiding gossips: Do not gossip or spread rumors. All colleagues’ privacy must be respected. Most importantly, information of the company must be kept confidential. If there is a new boss, it will be helpful for employees to understand what the boss really wants so that they can improve their competency to meet the boss’s needs.

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