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Techniques for managing your subordinates’ performance


​Techniques for managing your subordinates’ performance

As a leader, you have to look after your subordinates and find the way to properly manage your subordinates’ performance to ensure achievement of the established goal. You may begin with getting to know your subordinates’ working styles in order to develop a guideline to ensure cooperation. Your subordinates can be divided into four following groups:

1. A group to keep an eye on: This group of subordinates is quite slow, does not pay reasonable attention to the assignments or responsibilities, and usually has negative attitude towards the organization. The leader has to take a close look, give suggestions, and follow up their performance in order to achieve the goal. Then, they will love and develop a positive attitude towards the organization.

2. Not so outstanding group: The performance of this group of subordinates is not very outstanding, but they like to criticize the performance of other persons. What the leader should do is to utilize the personal preferences of this group, especially by assigning them tasks that require analysis or criticism. After that, the leader can check on the tasks from time to time and provide suggestions to achieve the established goal.

3. Diligent group that does not like to think: This group of subordinates is diligent, but does not like to think outside the box. The leader needs to be patient and calm when giving suggestions on how to get their assignments done. Moreover, the leader should find the ways to boost their confidence. That’s all it takes to make sure that they will complete the tasks and achieve the goal.

4. Very outstanding group: This is the group of employees that every organization and leader desires the most because they have outstanding performance and high potentials. What the leader should do with this group is to assign them with new challenging tasks and clearly set the goal for them to meet because they will try the best they can to achieve the goal. Challenging assignments will also increase their potentials.

After identifying which group your subordinates belong to, you can just choose the management methods that most suit them and all goals will surely be achieved.