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​Let’s discuss on different ways to help you apply for that job you’ve had your eyes on. There are three popular methods used today.

The Internet :

Internet is one of the most popular ways to apply for a job. This is because there are many job recruiting websites to help connect employers and job seekers online. These websites make job applying process faster and more convenient by listing many positions in one place. It helps save you the travel time and gives the employers ability to response to you faster.


Walking-in is the traditional way for applying a job. If you decide to use this method, readiness is the key. All necessary documents and equipments have to be prepared before walking-in. You need to pay attention to your attire as well because you’ll never know if the employer will request an immediate interview for the position you are applying to or not.

Recruitment Company:

I should give a little explanation on what a recruitment company is, since many people are not familiar with the term. What is International recruitment and who are we? International Recruitment Company, or also known as recruiter, acts as an agent that helps employers fill their open positions with qualified candidates.

Applying for a job via recruiter is very beneficial to you. This is because the international recruitment company has teams of consultants working to find open position that suits your qualification free of charge. Just like you are sending your job application to hundred of companies at one time. Consultants will search open positions from their clients and try to match for you. This method is very popular worldwide. And there are many local and international recruitment companies offering their service here in Thailand as well.

I hope you find this article helpful in helping you choose the best way to apply for your next job. If you are interested, please feel free to send your resume to the email address below. Good luck for your job hunting!

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