Visa & Work Permit

Are you looking for work permit assistance?

One of professional employment service of Manpower is “Visa & Work Permit”, this is for facilitating client’s business in term of operation reduction for foreigner hire on work permit, visa and payroll with highly efficient, cost-effective work permit processing service.

Comprehensively, we have a team of immigration expert who specializes in providing complete service covering immigration regulations and legal requirements, including advice on staying and working in Thailand so that the process has successfully completed with satisfaction of customer.

Provided work permit and visa service

  • Consult client on work permit and visa service

  • Operate on work permit and Non-B visa application

  • Take care of administrative process and document of work permit and visa application

  • Apply for visa with Multiple--Entry

  • 90-day report

  • Non-O visa application for member family if required (charge incurred)

Apart from work permit and visa service, we also provide payroll service assisting in preserving the confidentiality of payroll and other sensitive areas of your business. Additionally, Manpower professionally handle all administration work associated with benefits and compensation of employee under legal contract.

Provided Payroll service

  • Salary Payment

  • ​Overtime, Incentives, and allowances

  • ​Social Security Fund and Workmen’s compensation

  • ​Health and Life Insurance as Manpower standard policy

  • ​Personal Income Tax Deduction and payment of all statutory contributions applicable under Thai Labour Law

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