Chassis Launch Engineer

Location Rayong
Discipline Engineer
Salary Base on experience

​Location : Eastern seaboard industrial estate

Qualification :

• Provide assistant the subject matter expert with hand-on, as well as, class room training to increase PMT PD Engineer functional knowledge and maturity.

• Capable of root cause analysis and problem solving for complex functional issues.

• Work with Purchasing, Design & Release engineer, STA and Suppliers to get successful localization of components and/or systems as require.

• Leading PMT PD engineers in team to work with cross-functional team including PD Program, New Model Program (NMP), Plant Launch team and other team who related to launch to get successful new vehicle launch on time within quality requirement.

• Provide launch expertise support and co-work with launch SPOC onsite at assembly plant as require.

• Capable to investigate and identify containment actions for complex functional issues during builds and identify containment plan including ERA, ICA, PCA and Prevent Re-occurrence.

• Co-working with PD Integration Engineer to lead team to validate Bill of Material (BOM) prior to each build phase to ensure correct parts are ordered and available for assembly.

• Ensure Ford Lessons Learned from previous builds is incorporated to avoid repeat issues.

• Provide expertise guidance in engineering change process to support CR engineering change releasing and implementation plan of the change by PMT PD Engineers.