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Salary is one of the most confidential information in every organization that cannot be revealed to any employees. Generally, the payroll process involves and falls under the responsibility of two departments: the Human Resource (HR), and Finance. However, carrying out a payroll process can be extremely complex, as each employee has different conditions and agreement details, such as income type, over time (OT) rate, commission rate, tax calculation, social security requirements, and other expenses or deductions.

Usually, the payroll or salary calculation is completed through general calculation programs, which have a high risk of miscalculation and mistakes in payment details. In case of miscalculation and other mistakes, companies must bear the negative consequences that may follow, which might severely affect both the company and its employees. Therefore, Payroll Service and Payroll Outsourcing are the instant solutions that many organizations prefer.

Payroll Service/Outsourcing: Vital Choice to Increase Business Agility

With over 20 years of experience in HR solutions in Thailand, ManpowerGroup thoroughly understands the complications and sensitivity of payroll issues, and that it requires investment in both time and personnels to complete it. Recognizing these difficulties, companies can seek Payroll Service or Payroll Outsourcing to help increase efficiency of the HR department by reducing the burden of salary and tax calculation so that the HR team can focus more on other important elements namely the human resource development strategies, and other urgent tasks. Moreover, to protect the company’s and employee’s best interests, the service can be adapted to suit each company’s payment policies, rules and regulations for all job types.


1. What is Payroll Service/Outsourcing?

ManpowerGroup offers two types of services: 

1.1 Payroll Service, which is generally preferred by our clients, is the one-stop service for payroll management. ManpowerGroup will take care of all the processes, including making payment as the “employer” on behalf of the client company. 

1.2 Payroll Outsourcing only includes the tax and other expenses calculation service, but the client company will directly make payment to its employees.

Both services offer salary calculation, ranging from OT rate, taxes, social security deduction, to investments in funds (see full details in Item 3). Also, ManpowerGroup will be in charge of collaborating and communicating with all stakeholders as required by the law and company policies. This will efficiently help reduce the work of the HR department in client companies.  

2. Payroll Service and Payroll Outsourcing are suitable for what type of business?

Payroll Service is suitable for companies that would like to avoid the expenses and complications to hire an in-house accountant to specifically take care of payroll calculation. This could apply to companies that have inadequate HR or Finance officers, or would like to save time in training their staff to calculate the complex payroll expenses. Furthermore, the service also helps companies to avoid mistakes in calculation, or helps foreign companies that have yet to register their business license in Thailand; the service can help them with the online submission of tax details and documents.

As for Payroll Outsourcing where the client company is a direct employer of their staff; the service will increase convenience and agility of their business. The client company only needs to submit the forms and make the payments, while ManpowerGroup is responsible for all documentations and calculations, which will save time for the finance department. The service is suitable for big companies or corporates with 50 employees or more, as it will consume more time for them to manage the payroll.

3. What are the advantages of using Payroll Service/Outsourcing?

Payroll Service/Outsourcing can help support your business as follows:

  • Confidentiality of payroll details: The information will be sent to payroll service provider with only minimum audit staff at client companies, so the risk of information leakage is very low, and this can also reduce the turnover rate of the client's payroll officer.

  • Avoiding the possibility of miscalculation or mistakes: We offer the system that is specifically designed for payroll management, aligning with the labor law, and companies’ rules and policies.

  • Experts to take care of tax and law issues: Our payroll experts will help communicate and coordinate with all involved parties, and submit the information to the government units, as well as the social security office. 

  • Internal expense control: The payroll service provider will provide payroll reports for each of the client’s employees. Everything will be saved on the database containing all salary information, working time calculation, and other payments, which can be used as reference when the companies would like to consider the raise of salary or annual bonus.

4. What does our services cover?

  • Payroll account management and maintenance of the database throughout the service period.

  • Payroll or salary calculation, including OT, commission, other incomes, monthly tax deduction, social security.

  • Payment slip for employees

  • Arrangement of social security process for present employees, new employees, and resigned employees, including help prepare and submit the information online.

  • Submission of PND 1 form to the Tax and Revenue Department, and online submission of required information.

  • Issuing the annual Withholding Tax Certificate and PND.1 Kor. Tax Form

  • Payment and expense management

5. If you are interested in ManpowerGroup’s Payroll Service, what do you have to do?

Should you be interested in our Payroll Service, please fill out the form below. We will respond to your every need and issue summary reports for your company.

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