Visa & Work Permit

Thailand has long been an ideal location for foreigners to live and work. Whether they work with local enterprises or multinational companies, expats can find an excellent quality of life  and abundant career opportunities in Thailand.

However, to legally work here, they must obtain a valid Non-Immigrant B visa (Non-B visa) and a work permit. Without the aforementioned proper documentation, foreigners working in Thailand could risk their status and face problems with Thailand’s Immigration Bureau. 

The work permit and visa process may seem complicated for new expatriates. There are certain types of work that foreigners are prohibited from undertaking, such as tour guiding, hairdressing, and bronze ware manufacturing. 

Furthermore, if a work permit is obtained, there are still salary requirements, foreign-to-Thai employee ratios, and other criteria that must be met before qualifying for a work permit and visa.

Even after receiving a work permit and visa, employers and employees must adhere to certain procedures, such as 90-day reporting and punctual tax and social security filings, to ensure that there will not be a problem renewing their visa and work permit in Thailand.

ManpowerGroup Thailand offers comprehensive visa and work permit services in Thailand. Our team are experts in Thailand’s work permit, and Non-B visa rules and regulations.  Our expert personnels have extensive experience in compiling the required documentation to ensure smooth processing. 

We can help you and your employees navigate the application process, with:

  • Work permit and visa service consultation

  • Organizing work permit and Non-B visa applications

  • Handling administrative processes and documentation during work permit and visa application

  • Organizing multiple-entry visa and permits as needed

  • Handling 90-day reporting

  • Organizing Non-O visa application for family members as needed

Furthermore, we offer related services to help facilitate day-to-day administration as well as the work permit and visa process, such as:

  • Salary payments

  • Remuneration for overtime, benefits, and allowances

  • Fulfilling Social Security Fund and worker’s compensation payment obligations

  • Organizing health and life insurance

  • Deducting personal income tax and paying contributions required under Thai Labour Law 

ManpowerGroup Thailand has the insight, capability, and capacity to assist organizations with presence inside and outside of Thailand. We can also assist newly established companies, consulting firms, and many other entities that need to have a non-Thai national employed here in Thailand.

Are you looking for work permit assistance?

One of service of Manpower - The leading global workforce solutions company, we offer Visa & Work Permit Assistance for foreigner hire by providing complete service covering immigration regulations and legal requirements, including advice on staying and working in Thailand so that the process has successfully completed with satisfaction of customer.

Provided work permit and visa service:

• Consult client on work permit and visa service

• Operate on work permit and Non-B visa application

• Take care of administrative process and document of work permit and visa application

• Apply for visa with Multiple--Entry

• 90-day report

• Non-O visa application for member family if required (charge incurred)

Provided Payroll service

• Salary Payment

• Overtime, Incentives, and allowances

• Social Security Fund and Workmen’s compensation

• Health and Life Insurance as Manpower standard policy

• Personal Income Tax Deduction and payment of all statutory contributions applicable under Thai Labour Law

This service is suitable for the following businesses:

• International / Global Companies (With entity in Thailand)

• International / Global Companies (Do not have entity in Thailand)

• International Agency of HR, business management (Ex. Recruitment)

• Consulting companies both local and overseas

• Taxation / Audit Companies

• New companies just established (if need to hire expats or payroll support)

Easy 4 Steps of Work Process:

  1. Contact us

  2. Specify services and submit documents

  3. Work permit & Visa processing services

  4. Receive Work permit & Visa

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Is it difficult to get a Thai work permit?

It may seem difficult to obtain a Thai work permit, but with ManpowerGroup’s services, we can anticipate and mitigate any issues to make the process as easy as possible.

2. How much does a work permit in Thailand cost?

The government fees for a work permit is 750 - 3,000 THB, while a Non-B visa can be around 2,000 - 5,000 THB. Manpower’s fees usually start around 55,000 THB (inclusive of government fee), depending on several factors, about which we would be happy to discuss with you.

3. Is it better to use a Thailand work permit service?

You may think that you can save on the work permit costs by doing it yourself. However, things can get difficult very quickly, so we highly recommend that you ask about our work permit cost in Thailand. As we explain the process and fees involved, you will see that it is ultimately more cost-effective and expedient to use our service.

4. What Thai work permit services can ManpowerGroup Thailand provide for my organization?

We offer a full range of work permit services in Thailand, including consulting, compiling, organizing, and expediting work permit and Non-B visa applications. We can also assist in obtaining Non-O visas for spouses and children of employees, as well as handling reports to Immigration, re-entry permits for overseas travel, and renewal of applications.

5. What is the process for contacting ManpowerGroup Thailand for this service?

Contacting ManpowerGroup Thailand is simple. Fill out the form below, call us, or email us. We will promptly respond to your inquiry that you can start the work permit and visa process as soon as possible.