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New Boss, No problem!


​New Boss, No problem!

Other than adjusting to your new team, there’s another person who is an important factor in your career: YOUR BOSS. Here are some tips that will help you adapt yourself.

Do not turn down assigned tasks

Starting a new job by saying no to your boss would not be good for your career. Consider yourself part of the team and try to work the hardest within your assigned tasks. If you feel you are overwhelmed with work, consult with your boss rather than just saying no. Success will sure follow if you’re able to do this.

Avoid arguments

Arguing with your supervisor, no matter how right you are, will surely not benefit you. This is because she/he’s the one that has the power to influence your salary raise or promotion. If you think that you are right, try to explain with reasons rather than argue.

Find opportunities to show your ability

No matter how smart or talented you are, if you cannot find any chance to show that off, then you are limiting your career advancement. However, you also need to find the right time and place to do that. Don’t try too hard and show off all the time, especially when will make your boss looks bad.

Don’t gossip

Learn to restrain yourself from talking about your boss’s flaws. You can never know when those words will reach his/her ears. Never betray trust by gossiping. This is surely one of the quest ways to end a career.

Know your boundaries

It is important to know what your task is and work your best on it. Do not interfere with other’s work because your boss might think that you have cross boundaries. Moreover, she/he might also think that you’re not paying enough attention to own work.

Try to use the tips given and you should find being a newbie not as frighten as you think. Learn to position yourself well, have good attitude towards the work and people, and you will have no problem working anywhere.