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What do I do when I face a layoff?


​What do I do when I face a layoff?

This is a question that has been through a lot of people’s mind. And with today’s economic crisis that seems to bring up the word layoff or employment termination to your ears more often. However, it wouldn’t be fun for sure if you happen to be the one getting laid off.

We have some recommendations for you to prepare yourselves to face unemployment with a clear mind that can take the most advantage of the situation. Please be optimistic. Whatever happened that doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. You still have a lot of potentials and will soon be able to get another good job for sure. Now let’s see what you should do after you just lost your job!

· Contact the ministry of labor immediately to report your condition. Check with them if you are eligible for any special financial treatment or tax reduction.

· Dust off your old resume (or CV) and update it with your latest information and organize it very well. Soon you’ll have the chance to make use of it for sure. Moreover, don’t forget to leave your resume in the job search engine websites or the recruitment agencies (such as Manpower).These 2 medians will help you get the job that suits you need and abilities faster.

· Practice being interviewed when you have time. If you come across a temporary position, don’t turn it down just yet, take the position and keep it until you find the job you really want.

· Ask your ex-boss to write you a recommendation letter. Don’t forget to mention in the letter that this termination is caused of business reasons, not because of your poor performance. There may be other positions in the company that you can be transferred to, so don’t forget to ask about them. You might also be able to negotiate any unemployment compensation from the human resource department in your company.

Look for activities you enjoy doing such as watching movies, reading, or travelling to relieve stress or concerns you may have. Simple activities that do not cost money such as house cleaning, car washing, or gardening are also fine substitutes as well. Try to stay busy so you won’t become obsessive.

On the other hand, employment termination might be one of the best things that ever happened to you. Because this might be a chance for you to do something different from what you’ve been doing for a long time, to acquire new skills, to travel to places you’ve never been before, or to start your own business that you’ve always been dreaming of. Please remember that there are 2 sides on a coin, it is up to us to choose which side to look.