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Give & Take


​Give & Take

Be understanding

Everybody knows that the recent economic crisis have negative impact to many organizations and companies all over the world, including Thailand. This negativity will of course affect the staff of those companies as well. Some companies might even have to lay off some of their staffs. So you should be glad that you are able to keep your job and receive pay checks during the crisis. You should sympathize with your company’s, and your boss, situation. I urge you to think about the company’s interest, other than yours alone. This is because if the company cannot operate and make profit, then how can you get paid?

Don’t keep your hopes up too high

Many of you might think “how can we not hope, after we have endured hard work for a whole year”. It is not a crime to do so, but I just want you to be prepared for the disappointment as well. You will be the one who gets hurt if things don’t go as plan. And this negativity might lead you to have bad feelings towards your boss and the company, and might even lead up to your separation from the company. So don’t keep your hopes up too high and prepare for the worse. Just keep in mind that you still have your job and the priceless experience that comes with it.

Finally, I congratulate those who receive their bonuses. For the ones who miss it, please don’t get discouraged. At least the work you do each day gives you the priceless experience. That is truly the bonus that no money can buy. I’ll be talking more on new year giving in the next issue.

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