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How to negotiate salary like a pro


​How to negotiate salary like a pro

How to negotiate

In the process of job interview before we reach the steps of salary negotiation, you should first learn the true reason why you want to change your job. You must also study the job market and hiring trends in different industries, and the reputation of the company you are applying to. This is to determine if the bargaining power you have in your hands before entering the negotiation process. If you are leaving your current company because you don’t like the job or to change to a new career path, then bear in mind that you might not have much negotiating power. In this case, getting the average salary rate is usually expected.

Do the research

Another important thing to do before negotiation is to do some research on the market salary rate of the position you’re applying to. You should also research on the qualification the company is looking for and see if you possess that quality they are looking for.

Show your strength

Let your future employee know your strength and ensure them you will be able to perform and take responsibility of the expected position. Also don’t forget to mention your accomplishments in the past couple years. Or if you have no previous work experience, mention the activities you were involved in when in school instead.

Negotiation time

Salary negotiating is about the communication skills and art of persuading the other. So if they ask you about the reason you left your old position, don’t mention that you want more salary as the main reason. When the interviewer asked about your previous salary you can mention the figure in the term that includes both salary and benefits. But you shouldn’t lie because you might find yourself in trouble if they request for documentations to support you claim. And while you are in the negotiation process, the important thing to remember is to never give out the final word or gesture.

After the negotiation process, if the company still cannot match your request, then now its time for you to choose. The choice is to either maintain your position on the requested number, or to look at the long term benefit and take the offer considering the knowledge and the opportunities you will get to compensate to the lower salary. But above all else, the decision has to come from “you”.

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