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Time management techniques for the new generation of employees


​Time management techniques for the new generation of employees

At present, it is found that people spend more than 40% of their time at work. No matter which company you work for or how big or small your organization is, time management is a key to your success. It is very important for office workers or salary men to know how to manage their time effectively. Suggestions for new generation of employees to effectively manage their time and improve their efficiency at work are as follows:

1. Wake up your brain and get ready for work by practicing meditation and composing yourself every morning before going to work;

2. Clearly set up your goals;

3. Develop a To Do List to prioritize activities to be carried out;

4. Develop clear criteria for spending time on each activity;

5. Good human relationship will help reduce your burden. You can assign some tasks to other persons to save time. This is a technique to manage your limited time effectively;

6. Keep work and rest in a proper balance;

7. Try to minimize the time spent on meeting by focusing on essential matters of the meeting and not going off topic;

8. Use telephone wisely. You need to learn how to reject phone calls or avoid too much nonsense talks. It is important to use psychological principles to reject phone calls to prevent conflicts;

9. Store your documents in an organized manner by dividing them into their categories to make it easier for searching; and

10. Use technologies, such as computer, telephone, email, and websites, to reduce paper usage and keep your information effectively.

The above time management techniques are only some examples that you may use at work. If you learn to manage your time effectively, your 24 hours will be more than that of others. It can be called “quality time” that you can design.

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