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What to do if you want to be a talent in your organization


​What to do if you want to be a talent in your organization

To be considered or selected as the talent of the organization, the employees must have outstanding performance and can add value to their organization. The organization values and wants to retain these employees. To become the talent of the organization, an employee should have the following qualifications:

1. To figure out strengths and weaknesses: The employee must identify and use his strengths to contribute to the organization’s outstanding performance or to achieve the organization’s goals, such as to add value to the organization, to find proactive solutions to problems, and to propose new methods that are different and more effective. Moreover, the employee also has to identify his weaknesses so that he knows that skills he needs to improve in order to achieve better performance;

2. To love to learn new things and be willing to correct any mistakes: Being an open-minded person will allow you to have many new ideas, which you can apply positively and creatively to your job. You will also be able to learn from your mistakes and have more experiences, which will enable you to prevent recurrence of the same mistakes in the future. If you are not open to new ideas or do not learn from your mistakes, you will lose an opportunity to develop yourself; and

3. Good attitudes and positive thinking: If you have good attitude and positive thinking, it means that you are open to other people’s opinions without any bias. This will allow you to have many creative ideas that can be useful for your job. Moreover, general people are likely to accept and want to work with a person with good attitudes and optimism. Don’t forget that even though you are a very competent person, if you have negative attitudes, nobody will want to work with you. That could be an important reason why an organization does not choose you as the talent.

These three qualifications are only some examples of what an employee who wants to be the talent in an organization should have to achieve his goal. If you have all of these qualifications, it is likely that you will be selected by your organization as the talent. However, the most important things, whether you are to be selected as the talent of your organization or not, are that you have good attitudes, try to seek new knowledge in order to improve your skills, are honest to yourself, your career, and your organization. These are the qualifications that will make you a quality asset of the organization.