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Reimagining Workforce and Workplace Mechanics: Where Will Work Be Done?


​The COVID-19 pandemic has given organizations a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-imagine their workforce and workplace mechanics.

The unprecedented challenges of the last 18 months have upended traditional methods of working and organizations need to make a rapid shift to new ways of operating, where work is not defined by physical office spaces or office timings. One thing has been made clear: the pre-pandemic paradigm of work delivery is no longer feasible.

To help organizations make sense of this transformative period, and how you can most successfully create an agile workforce, Talent Solutions has partnered with Everest Group, a research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, engineering services and sourcing, to create a new series of reports. Today we are pleased to share ‘Reimagining Workforce and Workplace Mechanics: Where Will Work Be Done?’, the first of three reports on the future of work.

The research leverages existing intellectual property and data from a survey of 200 senior HR leaders across various geographies, industries, and organization sizes to provide practical advice to HR leaders and organizations on how to navigate the next normal.

With 51% of organizations expecting more than 40% of employees to continue to work from home over the next 18-24 months, now is a critical time to review workplace structures. This first report offers essential insights on:

  • Workforce design principles for the future of work

  • How to create a distributed workforce through the hybrid working model

  • Key considerations when deploying a global talent acquisition strategy

Download the report now to discover how organizations that successfully manage this transformation will be able to realise the full potential of their employees and exceed their business goals.

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