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5 Questions to Ask Potential Employers at Job Networking Events

5 Questions To Ask Potential Employers At Job Networking Events

​When networking for a job, ask specific questions about the company and their open positions so that you can assess whether you're a good fit. These questions will help you identify opportunities for your career.

Networking for a job is one of the most important things you can do to help achieve your short term career goals and to ensure you have a long and rewarding career. Few people stay at the same company for life any more. That means, networking for your next job should be a continuous endeavor. Attending networking events is one way to keep yourself in front of potential employers and keep your career moving forward.

Here are five questions to ask potential employers at your next job networking event.

  1. Is your company hiring right now, or are you looking for a future hire?Just because a company sends a representative to a networking event doesn't mean they're hiring right now. Many human resources directors go to such events to keep their company in the spotlight for potential employees. Asking this question will help you identify which employers are hiring right now, and which might have job opportunities in the future.

  2. Where do you see your company being in 5 or 10 years?In today's rapidly-changing world of work, job security is never guaranteed. But, it's often more likely with a company that has a clear vision for the future. This question should reveal the organization's plans to remain sustainable and to better understand the kind of opportunities that might be available.

  3. What is a normal career path for someone holding that position?By asking this question, you can evaluate your own career path to see if you are a good candidate for a particular position. It's also a great way to learn about potential directions you can take your career in the future.

  4. What should a person read before taking that position?This is an important question that reveals the values of the company, and the person in front of you. That could be important if the person at the networking event is also the hiring manager.

  5. Are there any special preparations, career steps, or job/educational qualifications necessary for that position?If a position requires any special education or career prerequisites, you want to know that up front. If you aren't qualified today, you can determine whether or not that position is important enough to you to pursue the right qualifications.

Job networking events give you an opportunity to match your current skills and qualifications with open job positions right now while evaluating where your career can be in the future.