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The Quest for Purpose at Work | Manpower Thailand

The Quest for Purpose at Work | Manpower Thailand

About the Report

How does the workforce in Thailand perceive purpose at work? Get data-driven insights on how people in Southeast Asia view and value meaningful work in this first of its kind report by Jobs_that_makesense Asia and Manpower.

A Message from Ms. Lilly Ngamtrakulpanit, ManpowerGroup’s Country Manager, Thailand:

“At ManpowerGroup Thailand, we understand that each job we create, and support must contribute not only to the individual's prosperity but to the sustainable development of our community and country.

By aligning our efforts with Thailand's unique cultural and economic landscape, we are not just providing employment; we are fostering a sustainable ecosystem where every job has a purpose, every effort contributes to the greater good, and every success is shared. This is how we build a sustainable future, together."


Key Findings

  • Having a sense of purpose at work matters to many in Thailand, but not many are feeling the sense of fulfillment at work: 96% of Thailand respondents indicated that having meaning at work was important to them, but only 16% feel “very satisfied” with their current level of meaning at work.

  • Top 3 things companies can do to enhance meaning at work for their workforce: Advocacy for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and other social causes (85%), creating more opportunities dedicated to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) (56%) and taking a leading role in advancing sustainability initiatives (56%) are actions Thailand respondents say can help improve their sense of purpose at work.

  • The significance of a company's reputation, particularly in social responsibility, has become a critical factor for job seekers: In fact, 79% of Thailand respondents indicate that a company’s reputation in these areas significantly contributes to their decision to pursue employment with them, slightly higher than the SEA’s average =(77%).

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Jobs_that_makesense Asia and Manpower conducted a survey on 2,023 participants across Southeast Asia, including 430 employees, students, and job seekers in Thailand, to understand their perspectives on purposeful work.


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