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How to deal with Generation Y and work creatively in an organization


How to deal with Generation Y and work creatively in an organization

At present, there are a lot of members of Generation Y who are entering the job market and have greater influences. This can be seen from the fact that more business sectors have tried to capture Gen Y consumers. Many tactics are used to attract this group of younger people. Human resource management today also has to be adjusted to suit changes in social structure. It is found that more members of Gen Y have become members of various organizations. Thus, in one company, there could be three generations working together, including Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Gen Y. This is very challenging for organizations to manage human resources with different backgrounds as well as to attract and retain competent employees, especially Gen Y workforce who has unique characteristics, has low level of patience and high curiosity, defies the rules, is ambitious, familiar with technology, active, optimistic, creative, self-confident, loves changes, does not respect the seniors, and is not loyal to their organization. To ensure successful operations of an organization with a diversity of employees from different generations, especially Gen Y, we should set up goals that Gen Y has to achieve. Although members of Gen Y are known to be independent and self-confident, they also expect to work in secure organizations and look for career advancement opportunities and fair salary. If an organization wants to make the best use of core competency of its Gen Y employees, it has to build a suitable environment, maintain its reputation as a trustworthy organization, set up clear and measurable goals to be achieved, and clearly describe job characteristics. After having good understanding of Gen Y, the organization should build a bridge to link between members of different generations and encourage Gen Y to express their ideas. Meanwhile, members of other generations must be ready to listen, support, and give them proper advices. This will enable the organization to effectively make use of the advantages of Gen Y employees and ensure happiness of everyone in the organization. Ten factors contributing to successful management of Gen Y workforce are as follows:

1.The organization must be stable and has good visions;

2.Gen Y workers should be given an opportunity to learn new things and improve their skills;

3.A supervisor must have leadership skills and act as a competent mentor;

4.Gen Y workers should be given an opportunity to express their opinions;

5.The organization should give importance to informal relationship, such as that between brothers and sisters, rather than employer and employees;

6.The organization should accept the opinions, individuals, and working methods;

7.Fair remuneration should be given as motivation;

8.Don’t be too strict, but give the employees freedom to think and work under appropriate frame;

9.Express ideas in a straightforward manner. Don’t beat around the bush; and

10.Don’t let Gen Y employees solve problems on their own. They should get advices and assistance.

At present, Gen Y population accounts for about ¼ of the total population of Thailand. They are entering the job market and will become intermediate executives in 3-5 years from now. If an organization is able to draw core competency of and manage the relationship between different generations effectively, it is certain that the organization will be able to attract and retain quality personnel who will eventually lead the organization to success.

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