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How to motivate your co-workers to agree with you


​How to motivate your co-workers to agree with you

Motivation in workplace is something that controls employees’ behaviors. It is what drives the employees to try to be creative in order to achieve objectives of the organization or the job assigned. Motivation could be intuitive or obtained from the employee’s learning. When working with many people or working as a team, it is helpful to motivate other persons to agree with you in order to accomplish the objectives of the mission or get good results. There are multiple techniques that can be used to motivate your colleagues or team members to agree with you. However, there is no single technique that will work in every situation. Practices and experiences will make you accepted by your team members or colleagues. If you show them that you are reliable, knowledgeable, ethical, and have good intentions, you will be able to earn their trust. You may lead by example, use your knowledge to explain how to do a job step by step, give reasons for your actions, point out the results that the team or team members will achieve, or use successful person as example. Reasons are very important when you persuade other persons because you need proper reasons to make your opinions acceptable. You need to point out both good and bad points of your idea or an action that you and your team are going to take. You have to persuade the listeners to believe you or act the way you want (pointing out more advantages than disadvantages) by showing them the good and bad sides. When they see both sides, they will choose the one direction they want to go. Create a friendly environment by showing your team or colleagues that you share the same feeling and emotion with them. Persons with the same emotion usually agree with each other easier than those with negative feelings against each other. When you have found and share the same feelings with your listeners, it will usually be easier for you to persuade them.

Moreover, you can use your sense of humor to make your listeners happy and make the situation more relaxing. This can also turn negative listeners into neutral ones who are ready to agree with you. Give your team or colleagues presents, willpower, or satisfaction. Absolutely, your team and colleagues want to the work to be successful. Thus, you should prepare a proper present to boost their morale and satisfy them. Such present does not have to be an article, but it may be an activity that makes your team happy together, such as a meal or outing, which may also make the team members become one. This will make it even easier for you to persuade them. Stick with the opinion of most team members or colleagues. Don’t think that only your idea is right and must be accepted. You must be a good listener and ready to admire the opinions of your team or colleagues. Then, you may gradually propose your idea and try to use good reasons to make them agree with you. Such good reasons may be supported by illustrations or reference persons. You may start by asking for opinion of the person whom you just admired in front of the team.

It is natural that a person who receives your admiration and smile or whom you make him feel that he is an important person will support you. It may start from one vote, but there can be many votes at the end. After you have applied the above techniques, your idea should be accepted and agreed with. You will receive cooperation of your team and colleagues. The task will be successful. However, do not forget that if you want to be good at persuading people, you need to be well prepared, deliberately develop a plan, and should have relevant experience and knowledge of the task as well as leadership skills.