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Techniques to improve the new generation’s work effectiveness


​Techniques to improve the new generation’s work effectiveness

“The 24 hours of different people are not the same.” Effectiveness of your work depends on how well you can manage your existing resources. Many people believe that to work effectively, it depends on many factors, such as the organization, team leader, colleagues, environment, and resources allocated by the organization. However, all of these are only external factors that you can barely manage. The only thing that you can manage and control on your own is your time, which can greatly contribute to your own improvement and effectiveness of your work. Some of the techniques that you can use to improve your work effectiveness by yourself are as follows:

1. Live your life with a purpose. You should establish a goal that you are determined to reach. Such goal will act as a compass that determines your direction at work.

2. A good plan is the starting point of success. If you plan each task that you are going to do, it will allow you to focus on each task clearly under the available timeframe. Moreover, you should develop a strict system to remind you of what you have to do.

3. Prioritize your tasks. It is quite difficult for office workers to prioritize their tasks because there are new and various tasks coming in all the time. You need to develop a habit of how to manage your essential and urgent tasks effectively.

4. Positive attitudes enable you to work happily with a minimum stress and even turn a crisis into an opportunity.

5. Good human relationship can help you greatly, especially when you need to work with many people from different departments. Informal relationship plays an important role in teamwork. If you talk to your colleagues more and pay more attention to them, it will be easier to work together.

The techniques that you can use to improve your work effectiveness through external factors are as follows:

1. Colleagues: The key is participation. You and your colleagues need to respect the roles and responsibilities of each other and accept each other. Moreover, if you keep track of the status of work, you will be more effective in controlling the work schedule.

2. Use technology to make your work easier. Proper technology will enable you to reduce the time spent on each task and mistakes made. Your work will also become more organized.

All of these techniques may not 100% meet your needs. It depends on your application and the environment. However, you can be confident that your efficiency will improve, starting with yourself, your colleagues and your organization.