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Work Permit in Thailand: How Long it Takes & How Much it Costs

Work Permit Thailand

In preparation for your career in Thailand, a work permit is one document you must obtain before legally working there. Before applying for a work permit in Thailand, you need to ensure that you meet the specific requirements for the type of work you intend to perform, and having a job offer from a company registered in Thailand as the employer will play a significant role in assisting you with the application process.

To start the application process, you will need to prepare several documents.

Preparing the Required Documents

In Thailand, employers are usually responsible for submitting the work permit application, which can be done before or after the foreign employee arrives in the country. However, once approved, the employee must be physically present to collect the work permit.

Below are the lists of documents needed from both the employer and foreign individual applying for a work permit.

Documents From Employer (Company):

  • A work permit application form (WP.3)

  • Company registration certificate and list of shareholders

  • VAT certificate and filings

  • Social Security payment forms

  • Corporate income tax filings

  • Employment contract between the company and the foreign individual

Documents Required from Foreign Individuals:

  • Original passport and copies of Non-immigrant visa page, latest entry page, and biodata page

  • Copies of work experience certificates from previous employers

  • Copies of educational certificates or degrees 

  • A recently issued medical certificate 

  • Three photos that are 3 ✕ 4 cm. in size, taken no more than six months ago

  • Other job-relevant certificates and licenses

The foreigner must sign all copies of the original documents. On top of that, certain documents need to be translated into Thai, especially if they are written in a language other than English. So, be sure to prepare these documents ahead of time.

How Long Does it Take to Get A Work Permit in Thailand?

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The Ministry of Labor is responsible for processing and approving work permits for foreigners. Once all documents are filed, the applicant will receive a notification slip stating the date when the permit can be collected. Normally, the process takes around seven to ten business days or roughly one week. 

Though, the timeline can vary depending on various factors, including the workload of the department, the completeness of the application, and the type of work permit being requested. In certain cases, it may take up to three months.

Additionally, after getting a work permit in Thailand, you must also extend your work visa from ninety days to at least one year. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get A Work Permit in Thailand?