Product Development Manager

Location Chiang Rai
Discipline Science
Salary 90-120K


• Work on developing recipe for our new products and related products, Organic rice noodle mixed with lentil, beans, organic instant rice or noodles, pasta etc.

• Develop and innovate recipe of natural agriculture based blended with other natural food ingredients-based Noodle products in both powder and paste form such as curry-paste, powder and other flavoring ingredients to be used in organic rice crackers, rice snacks, instant noodle and with other pasta products with resources management and cost optimization.

• Implement the Product & production Innovation for Commercialization functions and documentation including support improvement in system efficiency by providing Supply Chain Linkage for critical and complex issues in Technical Functions to ensure the best available measures and practices.

• Leading and coordinating with production and operation team for identifications of suitable equipment, machines and other installation along with other necessary setup and installation for manufacturing of aforesaid products to accomplish the new products development.

• Leading and coordinating with production and operation team based in ChiangRai for production setup and scaling up and contributed to the Ideation Process for product, package and process technology innovation.

• Helping and coordinating with sourcing and commercial team for finding, identifying and finalizing in supplier of various ingredients and setting specifications of various ingredient products.


• Bachelor in food science /technologies or related field

• 8+ years’ experience in the noodle or food manufacturing and development process and adequate knowledge of Rice based products.