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5 Essential Things To Know Before Getting A Work Permit in Thailand

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Many foreigners want to live and work in the Kingdom of Thailand due to the relatively low cost of living, year-round warm climate, friendly people, and various job opportunities.

Before deciding to live and work in this charming country, you need to apply for a work permit in Thailand. Understanding all the essentials and requirements for obtaining a work permit and work visa would benefit you before deciding to relocate.

Work Permits in Thailand: 5 Essential Things You Need to Know

Obtaining a work permit in Thailand can be perplexing, complicated, and often time-consuming. So, here are the crucial things you need to know before getting started:

1. Requirements for a Thai Work Permit

Those interested in working in Thailand should know that not all companies can provide work permits for international workers. To apply for a work permit, both the employer and the foreign worker must meet specific requirements.

The general requirements for companies in Thailand include:

  • Officially registered as a juristic entity in Thailand

  • A minimum of two million baht registered capital per one work permit

  • Employing at least four Thai nationals for each work permit

  • For companies registered overseas, the minimum capital required is three million baht per permit.

Another important thing to note is that if BOI promotes the company, exemptions from these rules may be allowed. However, the company must provide BOI with an explanation as to why overseas workers are required for the project.

Foreigners who wish to work in the country must also meet certain Thailand work permit requirements, including:

  • The correct type of Non-immigrant visa

  • A job offer from a company in Thailand

  • Educational background and work experience applicable to the area of work that you will perform

  • Relatively healthy without serious diseases or addictions (medical certificate)

2. Correct Non-Immigrant Visa

As you may know, entering the country as a tourist does not legally allow you to participate in work of any kind; thus, you would need a “work visa” to work legally in the country. However, for Thailand,a work visa and a work permit are two different documents. Simply, to work in Thailand legally, foreigners need to get both a work visa and a work permit.

All non-Thai citizens who plan to work in Thailand must get a work visa from their home countries. Additionally, there are different types of work visas that you can apply for, depending on the type of job you are getting. For example, the “non-immigrant B visa” is the most common type of work visa for those who intend to work in Thailand or wish to start a business. However, there are also other types of work visas, such as a non-immigrant B-A visa, non-immigrant IB visa, non-immigrant M visa, non-immigrant O visa (for accompanying family members), and smart visa.

3. Documents Needed for a Work Permit Application

Applying for a work permit in Thailand can be time-consuming, and having missing documents can make the process even longer. Therefore, it is critical to always check your documents before the application is submitted. Moreover, both the company and foreigner must provide the required documents.

Documents required from foreigners applying for a work permit:

  • Original passport and copies of Non-immigrant visa page, latest entry page, and biodata page

  • Copies of work experience certificates from previous employers

  • Copies of educational certificates or degrees 

  • A recently issued medical certificate 

  • Three photos that are 3 ✕ 4 cm. in size, taken no more than six months

  • Other job-relevant certificates and licenses

Documents required from the company:

  • A work permit application form 

  • Company registration certificate and list of shareholders

  • VAT certificate and filings

  • Social Security payment forms

  • Corporate income tax filings

  • Employment contract between the company and the foreign individual

Each original document copy must be signed. In addition, some papers may require Thai translation, particularly if they are written in a language other than English. So, it is advised to prepare these documents in advance. Furthermore, the prospective employer needs to apply for a work permit in Thailand at the Ministry of Labor on behalf of the foreigner.

Once that application has been submitted, it usually takes approximately seven to ten working days to be processed. After the work permit is approved, you need to obtain your work permit at the Ministry of Labor or the One-Stop Service Center for Visas and Work Permits.

4. Restrictions and Obligations After Getting a Work Permit

Working in Thailand comes with certain restrictions and obligations that you, as a foreign individual, must follow to avoid any complications in the future.

Most importantly, you are only permitted to work for the organization and in the specified roles, as working outside the scope of the permit is punishable by jail and/or a fine.

There are also responsibilities associated with maintaining a work permit:

  • Income Tax Filing: The Revenue Department will issue the foreign employee a personal tax identification number. The procedure is rather straightforward and can be finished in a single day. With the tax ID, you will then have to submit your annual income tax. 

  • 90-Day Notification: When staying or working in Thailand long term, you are required to report your current residence address to the immigration office every ninety days or three months. This can be done in person at the Thai Immigration Bureau, by mail, online, or through an agency with work permit services.

  • Re-entry Permit: As mentioned above, the work permit is directly associated with the work visa. Thus, the work permit will be affected if the foreign national departs the country and the visa is declared invalid. If that is the case, the Immigration offices and airport immigration desks both accept applications for single and multiple re-entry permits.

5. Work Permit Cost in Thailand

You need to be mindful of the cost of applying for work permits, which can add up quickly. Generally, the costs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-immigrant B visa (business visa) fees: 

  • A single-entry fee of two thousand Baht with three months validity

  • Multiple entry fee of five thousand Baht with one-year validity.

  • Work permit application fees:

  • Application fee of one hundred Baht

  • Work permit fee of seven hundred and fifty Baht for three months validity

  • Work permit fee of one thousand and five hundred Baht for three to six months of validity

  • Work permit fee of three thousand Baht for one-year validity

  • Other fees:

  • Medical examination fee

  • Translation & legalization of documents fee

  • Agency or law firm fee

  • Etc.

The overall work permit cost in Thailand can range from four thousand to eight thousand Baht or more, depending on the services you require.

That concludes the five essential things you need to know before applying for a work permit in Thailand. As you can see, working visa and work permit applications require detailed documents and well-crafted preparation. So, to ensure that the process of obtaining a work permit is seamless and you can start your career or business in Thailand without issues, using a Thailand work permit service is always a great choice.

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At first, it may seem difficult to obtain a Work Permit in Thailand. Albeit, with ManpowerGroup’s services, issues can be anticipated and solved to make the process as easy as possible.

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