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Can I Transfer a Work Permit in Thailand When I Change My Job?

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​Due to its growing economy, low cost of living, rich culture, and supportive expatriate community, Thailand is a popular destination for foreigners searching for work. If you are reading this article, you may already have a work permit in Thailand and have employment that you find satisfying. But you might wonder what to do when you want to change your job.

As a foreigner in Thailand, switching jobs can be a complex and often confusing process that requires careful attention to the stringent process. 

Can Foreigners Transfer Work Permits in Thailand?

If you plan to change employment, you must get a new work permit application. You are not allowed to have a job different from the one you were given a work permit for. You are also not allowed to work with a different employer from the one stated in your application.

If you are terminating your employment, you are required to return your work permit to the Labor Department. You have to do so if you want to apply for another work permit with another company.

As a foreigner, you can transfer your work permit from your previous employer to your new employer. However, it is not “transferring” per se; instead, you must cancel and re-apply for both your work permit and visa. Oftentimes, when foreigners change their jobs they are expected to leave the country before getting a new visa and work permit.

Nevertheless, there is a way for foreign workers to stay in Thailand whilst transferring their work permits in Thailand.

How To Legally Transfer Your Work Permit

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To begin, you have to cancel your current work permit. Coordinate with your employer to inform the Ministry of Labour about your resignation date. This step is crucial to ensuring that your leave from the company coincides with the submission of your new work permit application.

Canceling Work Permit & Visa

After completing the previous steps, you must terminate your work permit with the Ministry of Labour. Next, take your passport to the Immigration Office to cancel your visa. Your visa must also be canceled the same day that the work permit is canceled. 

It is imperative that when canceling your visa, you leave the country the same day, as the visa is directly associated with the work permit. Also note that when you leave the country the visa is voided and it will affect the work permit. So, immediately after canceling your visa apply for an extension of stay at the Immigration Office This extension will allow you to remain in Thailand for an additional seven days.